Happy Ghosts

The HAPPY GHOSTS is Australian musician Andrew Muecke.

The HAPPY GHOSTS present multiple levels of live instruments, scratchy samples & vocals that range from softly sung mantras to soaring operatic’s, all combining to produce an atmospheric and inventive cinematic sound & vision.


Latest News – New Album ‘Decayed’ Released April 2016


To commemorate a decade of music Happy Ghosts have released a compilation album!
Ten years is a pretty good innings. Add two years to complete this new compilation disc and you’ve got twelve years…….now that is a good innings!

Question: So why the compilation disc?
HG’s:    We have been given amazing support by many radio stations and radio announcers here in Australia and around the world for more than a decade, right from the release of our very first single “For the Sun” back in December 2004.
We have been fortunate as that support has continued for each one of our releases. We are proud of this ongoing support and wanted to bring together the tracks that received the most airplay in a way for us to demonstrate that yes, that was us way back then, and we are still here now (and that we were contractually liable to do it!).

Question: Have you recorded any new tracks?
HG’s:    Yes. We thought that it would poor form if we didn’t. And we couldn’t help ourselves either! We love creating music together. So, there are two tracks, the first one on the CD called “Pistols and Credit Cards” and track seventeen, “Patti and Robert”.


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