Happy Ghosts

The HAPPY GHOSTS is Australian musician Andrew Muecke.

The HAPPY GHOSTS present multiple levels of live instruments, scratchy samples & vocals that range from softly sung mantras to soaring operatic’s, all combining to produce an atmospheric and inventive cinematic sound & vision.


Latest News – New Album ‘Divergent Theories’ Released October 2018


The “Happy Ghosts” have been entertaining us with their unique brand of electro-ambient-pop since 2004 and this is their first release of completely new music since “Reverence for Life” in 2013.

DIVERGENT THEORIES continues the Happy Ghosts journey down the path of social observation and satire.

A unique experience. Downbeat and upbeat, trippy yet normal, scratchy rough archival samples and vocals are combined with pristine sounding instrumentation. All delivered with style, come join the journey.

The first single is “Here Comes My God”.

DIVERGENT THEORIES is an audio-visual release. Check this video page for accompanying videos to each track from the album.


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