Andrew Muecke also produces solo instrumental work.

These tracks are of an ambient nature similar to artists such as David Sylvian or Mark Isham.

Thoughts of Empathy


‘Thoughts of Empathy’
1. Whenever I Feel
2. Whenever I Think
3. Whenever I Learn
4. Whenever I Love
5. Whenever I Dream
6. Movie Alternate One
7. Whenever I See
8. Movie Score
9. Movement One
10. Movement Two
11. Movie Alternate Two
12. Groove Two
13. Lament One

Andrew Muecke: Music, Instruments, Engineering
Released: February 2008 (Catalog# AM-027-08)

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Other Material

Andrew wrote an produced this special one-off song and video in late 2018 called “What Is The Opposite of Life?”.

It was done to celebrate his parents life together after his father’s passing from Dementia in 2017.

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the videos associated with Andrew Muecke: