The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is an experimental collaboration between ‘Happy Ghosts’ founding member Andrew Muecke & EVOLETAH singer/songwriter Matt Cahill.

‘All the Frozen Horses’ is the resulting debut album of both Matt & Andrew’s collective musical histories colliding.

Containing elements of both Dark & New wave, ‘All the Frozen Horses’ is Avant-Garde/Electro pop, at its best.


“All the Frozen Horses”  (Released January 2015)

01. Come Undone
02. The Arena
03. Noir Des’ir
04. My Side of the Story
05. A Simpler Plan
06. Q & A
07. For Our Own Good
08. All the Frozen Horses
09. Mayan Dream
10. On the Corner of Loss & Gone
11. & I Looked Everywhere