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¬†Group Therapy Album – “Exposed”

The Group Therapy album ‘Exposed’ can be listened to and purchased at a number of sites on the net including iTunes. Here is a link to CDBABY.

You can listen to and purchase the album from Bandcamp.

A lot of tracks recorded for ‘Exposed’ went through significant change. Have a listen to an early version of ‘No Money’ here:-

RED was the ‘moniker’ used by Group Therapy to record the one-off track ‘Best Off Moving On’ which was a country-tinged song commissioned as the soundtrack for the documentary ‘UTE-OPIA’. ‘UTE-OPIA’ is a celebration of 60 years of the Holden Ute.

Rise – Live on 3D Radio (19/12/2009)

Rise Live

Rise – EP


‘Gallerry’ was a one-off musical venture from¬†brothers John and Andrew Muecke, formerly of At Random. This was done to write a soundtrack (‘Peace’) for a documentary on world conflict in 2007.

Gallerry Main