Happy Ghosts Movies

The Happy Ghosts have a very strong multimedia focus. The main driver behind this is Ashley.

The first Happy Ghosts movie was Ammunition and preview copies were released August 2007.


Ammunition takes the viewer on a wild and dreamy ride from the everyday world to the fantastic and beyond. From sublime moments of floating in space through the beauty and harshness of the natural world to jarring explosions and crashes of the American dream. Difficult to place in a genre, Ammunition is a complex work that falls somewhere between music video and video art. It’s an ever moving audio-visual of original music by Happy Ghosts; US 1950’s advertorial films, guides to better living and government propaganda from the Prelinger Internet Archives; and footage and sound captured in an Adelaide backyard and studio. The film’s catch cry is ‘Beware of Boredom’.

To all intents and purposes, ‘Ammunition’ is also a music release in its own right. Throughout its one hour duration, there are over 41 songs (or remixes of songs) that are not available through any other Happy Ghosts release. Here is a list of the tracks:

1. A Cloudy Night
2. A Massive Attack
3. Adult Themes (Remix)
4. Booze and Pills (Remix)
5. Calling Joy (Remix One)
6. Calling Joy (Remix Two)
7. Carries Choral Voice
8. Coming Around To See You
9. Dead Ahead
10. Drums
11. Eternal Flame (Remix)
12. Four Emotions (Remix One)
13. Four Emotions (Remix Two)
14. Ideal Date (Remix)
15. In A Room With Happy Ghosts (Remix One)
16. Inside Out (Remix One)
17. Inside Out (Remix Two)
18. Just So Confusing
19. Loosen Up (Remix)
20. Movie Monsters (Remix)
21. One
22. Place To Be (Remix)
23. Sharks Or Skin (Remix)
24. Somewhat Mistaken
25. Sound-Effect
26. Trouble Maker (Remix)
27. Unknown
28. Want Me (Remix)
29. Wealth & Waste (Remix)
30. Yes Yes Yes (Remix)
31. Young (Remix)
32. On A Walk With Happy Ghosts
33. In A Room With Happy Ghosts
34. For The Love Of Happy Ghosts
35. Whose Afraid Of Happy Ghosts?
36. Movie Monsters
37. Movement One
38. Movement Two
39. Whenever I Learn
40. Movie Alternate Two
41. Whenever I Dream

Andrew Muecke: all music, instruments and engineering

You can listen to and purchase this album on .

Here are two ‘preview’ videos for Ammunition:

AMMUNITION (Preview One)

Director: Ashley Starkey
Released: August 2007

AMMUNITION (Preview Two)

Director: Ashley Starkey
Released: August 2007