Group Therapy, Red, Rise and Gallerry

 Group Therapy Album – “Exposed”


The Group Therapy album ‘Exposed’ can be listened to and purchased at a number of sites:



RED was the ‘moniker’ used by Group Therapy to record the one-off track ‘Best Off Moving On’ which was a country-tinged song commissioned as the soundtrack for the documentary ‘UTE-OPIA’. ‘UTE-OPIA’ is a celebration of 60 years of the Holden Ute.


The track is included on the version of Group Therapy “Exposed”.

Released August 2012 (Catalog# AM-036-12)


Rise – Double Single

The Rise Double Single, featuring the tracks “Alone” and “Near” was the first coupling of Jon Muecke (guitar), Andrew Muecke (bass) and Alexia Cunningham.

The Double Single was released in April 2007 (Catalog# AM-022-07)


The two tracks have been included in the  version of Group Therapy “Exposed”.

You can view the video to the track Alone here.

Rise, as a live performance band, were formed in 2009. The band consisted of brothers Andrew Muecke (bass) and Jon Muecke (Guitars, Vocals) with Abbey Howlett (Vocals), Alex Cunningham (Keyboards) and Jim Glaister (drums).

Rise – Live on 3D Radio (19/12/2009)

Here is a live performance of Rise on the Adelaide Community Radio Station 3d.

Rise Live


‘Gallerry’ was a one-off musical venture from brothers John and Andrew Muecke, formerly of At Random.

This was to write a track, “Peace”, as a backing for a 2007 documentary on world conflict.