Andrew Muecke 1991 – 2020: A Collection Press Release

Andrew Muecke 1991 – 2020: A Collection PRESS RELEASE

A brief conversation with multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer Andrew Muecke

Q. A compilation covering thirty years, that is pretty exciting?

Yes, and a reminder that the years pass very quickly! Although I have been involved in the release of many singles, EP’s, albums and videos over the years, this is a particularly exciting one for me. Not many people are able to sustain their involvement in the music industry for that period of time, so it is great to be able to reflect that with this album.

Q. Your work is very diversified so it must have been difficult to choose which tracks to include?

Absolutely! I have written and released nearly 350 songs since my first recordings with the band AT RANDOM back in 1991. It was hard to choose just 16 for this compilation but I wanted there to be an equal representation for each decade as well as trying to cover most of the projects that I have been associated with over that time.

Q. Whilst knowledgeable music lovers will likely know who you are, you have not become a household name like other Aussie artists?

That is true! I was bass player with AT RANDOM throughout the 90’s and truly amazing things did happen – but it seemed that we were very capable of shooting ourselves in the foot at the worst possible times. The HAPPY GHOSTS, ever-changing but still going strong since 2004, have also done great things but has remained on the art-music path. More recently, THE QUIET ROOM has received unanimously strong reviews from respected press, but alas it is very hard to break through from the “cult”.

Whilst the tracks included on this album gained airplay and video play throughout Australia and worldwide, very few people would be aware that they were written or co-written by me. I have to admit that the idea that this release will demonstrate that to listeners, appeals to my ego very much!

Q. Would you like to have been more successful?

Ha, yes! I have not had the experience of mega success, so I am very happy to admit that I would like to have had that. My overriding feeling is that when growing up as an avid music listener, songs were a very special part of my life – in a way, they defined your life. I would like to have had more of my music out there for people to consume in the same way I did when growing up. That would have been very, very special.

Having said that, I acknowledge that I have also been very fortunate – I have been able to follow my musical whims and dreams down pathways that might otherwise not have been available to me. Reviews of my work, particularly over the last five or so years, have spoken of the originality of the work that I have been involved with, including some of this work being described as a “new” music. I started my whole musical life with that as a goal, so I need to keep reminding myself of the beauty and power of those words!

Q. What’s next for you?

Plenty! It has been great to surround myself in previous recordings and the nostalgia of delving into the past, but I am very much one for looking forward. I am working with my brother Jon again as part of the instrumental heavy ambient three-piece JANDA KING and working with a talented vocalist called Andy on a project called FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT. And there are two new HAPPY GHOSTS recordings scheduled for release in 2022. The future is unwritten, the future is exciting!