Happy Ghosts – It has been done before

The new Happy Ghosts album “It has been done before”

In a world that has gone ‘selfie mad’, is the above photo used for the cover of “It has been done before” the first of its kind? Patricia Williams MacVeagh was a renowned equestrian photographer. Her collection which contains 17,000 photographs spanning 1939 to 2014, was recently donated to the American National Sporting Library & Museum.

It has been done before is the new album from Happy Ghosts. Released 02/02/2022

It has been done before has been created in partnership with file-sharing sites ccMixter, Looperman and the Prelinger Archive. All vocal performances have been souced from ccMixter, all rhythms have been generated using files sourced from Looperman, and all footage for the associated video’s clips have been sourced through the Prelinger Archive.

Experience how “It has been done before” was created

There is a web page for each of the tracks from “It has been done before.

The tracks were recorded over two sessions (September 2020 and October 2021). The development of the album is shown through seven progressive versions of each song.

These versions were captured throughout the whole recording process, so they provide a unique fly-on-the-wall view into the entire songwriting and construction process.

TRACK ONE: Too Quiet (featuring Diana Bosselena)

TRACK TWO: Hang Low (featuring Ashes & Dreams)

TRACK THREE: My Apocalypse Now (featuring Kaer Trouz)

TRACK FOUR: Where Do We Go (featuring Romancito)

TRACK FIVE: Keep The Silence (featuring Mandy Leigh Storm)

TRACK SIX: In Between (featuring Beng Calma-Alcazaren)

TRACK SEVEN: Christmas Star (featuring Snowflake)

TRACK EIGHT: Traveling Lights (featuring Lisa Debenedictis)

TRACK NINE: The Forest Of Dreams (featuring Kimberly Steele)

TRACK TEN: Only Love (featuring Shannon Hurley)

TRACK ELEVEN: Imperfect World (featuring Leza Boyland)

If you would just like to watch the videos, here is the It has been done before YouTube playlist:

“………….searching for purity of motivation”