Group Therapy Reviews



Group Therapy have just released their debut album titled ‘Exposed’, where you will hear brothers Andrew on Bass and Jono on guitar, as well a welcomed new edition of Alexia on vocals and keyboard.

The album begins with the track ‘Let Go’ which delivers a strong dramatic feel; suddenly Alexia’s outstanding sultry vocals begin and set the tone. I really enjoyed the ease of this track which allows the listener to sit back, relax and enjoy!

Just when you think you have this album figured out, Group Therapy throws you a curve ball and takes you to another musical place. The tracks ‘Bad Hair Day’ and ‘No Money’ contribute some flavour by introducing a different sound laced with gritty guitar work and funky keyboard tunes. Alexia’s smokey vocals can’t be missed as they are the focal point of these two tracks. The lyrics are somewhat basic and get straight to the point, yet I wouldn’t call this a negative because it does not lose the listener by creating a poetic whirlwind.

Another change of pace can be heard with the tracks ‘Hooks’, ‘Fading Away’ and ‘Near’. These three songs are slow and melodic; this is ‘Group Therapy’ wanting to show you every bit of what they can offer.

I particularly enjoyed the track ‘Lies’ which demonstrated some solid guitar work and raspy vocals!

The album does change its pace quite often but delivers the band’s versatility to the listener. I wish them best of luck for the future!

Shanelle Franklin, 27 February 2013