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Latest News – New Album ‘VOICES FROM THE NET’ Released May 2020


The HAPPY GHOSTS return with their seventh full length album VOICES FROM THE NET.

VOICES FROM THE NET is unique piece of work – the album has been constructed using ‘found’ vocals through global sharing communities the Prelinger Archive, Looperman and ccMixter.

With rhythmic contributions sourced through the same communities, there is a distinct world flavour across the tracks. Somehow the HAPPY GHOSTS instill a consistent lush beauty throughout which ensures that this is without doubt their strongest album to date.

Let VOICES FROM THE NET take you to your special place!

There are three singles scheduled for the album, “The Beached Bird”, “One Way” and “The Laurel Tree”.

VOICES FROM THE NET is an audio-visual release. Check this video page for accompanying videos to each track from the album.


Latest News – New Album ‘Divergent Theories’ Released October 2018


The “Happy Ghosts” have been entertaining us with their unique brand of electro-ambient-pop since 2004 and this is their first release of completely new music since “Reverence for Life” in 2013.

DIVERGENT THEORIES continues the Happy Ghosts journey down the path of social observation and satire.

A unique experience. Downbeat and upbeat, trippy yet normal, scratchy rough archival samples and vocals are combined with pristine sounding instrumentation. All delivered with style, come join the journey.

The first single is “Here Comes My God”.

DIVERGENT THEORIES is an audio-visual release. Check this video page for accompanying videos to each track from the album.


Latest News – New Album ‘Decayed’ Released April 2016


To commemorate a decade of music Happy Ghosts have released a compilation album!
Ten years is a pretty good innings. Add two years to complete this new compilation disc and you’ve got twelve years…….now that is a good innings!

Question: So why the compilation disc?
HG’s:    We have been given amazing support by many radio stations and radio announcers here in Australia and around the world for more than a decade, right from the release of our very first single “For the Sun” back in December 2004.
We have been fortunate as that support has continued for each one of our releases. We are proud of this ongoing support and wanted to bring together the tracks that received the most airplay in a way for us to demonstrate that yes, that was us way back then, and we are still here now (and that we were contractually liable to do it!).

Question: Have you recorded any new tracks?
HG’s:    Yes. We thought that it would poor form if we didn’t. And we couldn’t help ourselves either! We love creating music together. So, there are two tracks, the first one on the CD called “Pistols and Credit Cards” and track seventeen, “Patti and Robert”.


Latest News – New album ‘Reverence For Life’ Released May 2012


The Happy Ghosts return with the release of their new album ‘Reverence for Life’. Based on the philosophy of Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, ‘Reverence for Life’ is the Happy Ghosts quest for love, light and positive energy.

Andrew Muecke is joined by Matt Cahill (The Violets, Evoletah) who provides the vocals for the first single ‘Voices’ and by regular cohort Carrie Barr for the second single ‘Ingenious Machine’.

Not quite a career-destroying ‘concept album’, certainly not a pop album, the Happy Ghosts continue to explore the boundaries of contemporary music. Sometimes challenging, sometimes enlightening, this is music with intelligence!

‘Happy Ghosts’ sound is unique!

‘Reverence For Life’

1. Voices
2. Hope and Optimism
3. Ingenious Machine
4. Pride and Downfall
5. Doubt
6. Reaching Out
7. Coming to Get You
8. Attraction and Uncertainty
9. Didn’t Understand
10. Reverence for Life
11. No Race
12. Removing Errors
13. A Deepening Sense for Change
14. Voices (Reprise)

Andrew Muecke: Music, Instruments, Lyrics
Matt Cahill: Lyrics, Vocals (Tracks 1 and 14)
Carrie Barr: Vocals (Tracks 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11)
Jon Muecke: Guitars (Track 5)


EP ‘It Is’ released July 2010

South Australian based indie-electro-pop duo ‘Happy Ghosts’ have just launched their latest EP, ‘IT IS’.

The four new tracks take off with the indie-chic mantra It is, cross into the sonic flight of Love got lost via the deep ambience of Any way and culminate in the uplifting electro-funk of Music in the air.

‘Happy Ghosts’ continue their creative journey presenting truly original yet accessible music. Since forming in 2004 ‘Happy Ghosts’ have built up a large cult following being well supported by community and college radio throughout the world. ‘Happy Ghosts’ music is available for purchase throughout the internet and their albums have been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

‘Happy Ghosts’ have produced a number of music videos and an hour long art film. All of these productions have been selected or shortlisted to screen at national and international film festivals.

‘Happy Ghosts’ sound is unique!


1. It Is
2. Love Got Lost
3. Any Way
4. Music In The Air

Andrew Muecke: Music, Instruments, Engineering
Ashley Starkey: Voice
Carrie Barr: Vocals (Lead vocals track 2, additional vocals track 3)
Released: July 2010


Latest News – New compilation album ‘CARRIE SINGS’ released NOVEMBER 2009


Adelaide based indie-electro-pop duo Happy Ghosts (Andrew Muecke and Ashley Starkey) have just launched their 14th release, Carrie sings, a compilation of tracks they’ve cut with gifted singer Carrie Barr. Carrie is a stunning vocalist and is one of Australia’s most versatile performers, she has performed extensively as a singer, actor and musician in music theatre and opera with leading roles in many shows including LES MISERABLES, CATS, HAIR, RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET, NINE, THE DUSTY SPRINGFIELD STORY , SIDESHOW ALLEY and CAROUSEL winning a Green Room Award for ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Musical’. Carrie’s televsion credits include Jenny McKenna in Neighbours.

Happy Ghosts have built up a large cult following over the last few years being well supported by community radio stations throughout Australia and charting highly on many Canadian college and community radio stations. The track Gotta Do It with Carrie on vocals made the top 21 on local 3D Radio’s Hottest 101. Happy Ghosts music is available for purchase on i-tunes and their two albums have been downloaded around the world wide web more than 60 000 times. Happy Ghosts have produced a number of music videos and an hour long piece of art-video. All of those productions have been either selected or short-listed to screen at national and international film festivals.

In 2010 Happy Ghosts will release their third full length album and a new film. The Happy Ghost’s sound is always unique and the new work crosses over the commercial and independent scenes.


Latest News – New album (‘Silver Lining’) and first single (‘Gotta Do It’) released OCTOBER 2008


Do you know the pre-arranged signal? HAPPY GHOSTS continue their search into mystery and beauty with the new 15 track CD ‘SILVER LINING’. The Ghost’s up the ante, delving into spacious atmospheric grooves, tribal rhythms, a dash of psychadelia and a smattering of pop.

‘SILVER LINING’ is the HAPPY GHOSTS follow up to last year’s debut full length CD, ‘Secret Code of Beauty’. The singles ‘Loosen Up’, ‘Young’ and ‘Trouble Maker’ broke new ground for the duo with extensive college radio support, particularly Canada, where the CD stayed in the play-list charts for three months.


The ‘SILVER LINING’ lead single, ‘Gotta Do It’, has the sublime vocals of guest vocalist Carrie Barr at the centre of a driving drum and bass groove – ‘Gotta Do It’ instantly hooks into your head!

Highly original, yet totally accessible through its crossover appeal, ‘SILVER LINING’ is digitally available through AmpHead/The Orchard.