The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is an experimental collaboration between ‘Happy Ghosts’ founding member Andrew Muecke & EVOLETAH singer/songwriter Matt Cahill.

The brand new album “Manuscript” has been released March 2019.



01. In an unknown language
02. Twenty-Four blackbirds
03. No wake zone
04. Apocalypto
05. Our progress
06. The greater good
07. Girl in the garden
08. Manuscript
09. A conversation with you
10. Plastic Parade



Press Release for “Manuscript” – The Sound Of Future Memory

As its title suggests, The Quiet Room’s sophomore record Manuscript is both the beginning and the end of a process; a hand wrought, private document emerging into the light, ready for the altering gaze of others. Or, like fragments of memory and partially revealed scenes, awaiting the curious archaeology of future perspective.

That the Adelaide based avant/electro duo so carefully disinter the analogue sub-strata of 1980s synth dreaming is part of their almost hallucinatory appeal. The ghosts of David Sylvian hover with echoes of Mark Hollis in a space somewhere between OMD album tracks and the misty fusions of This Mortal Coil. Phantoms of pure pop float alongside jazz phrasing, merging vaporously with poetic detachment and plaintive yearning. Indeed, this record is a multi-lingual manuscript, one that defies the crass certainties of genre reductionism and lingers diaphanously on the boundary of recognisable form and unknown pleasure.

Having garnered a cult-like following for their debut album (All The Frozen Horses) Matt Cahill and Andrew Muecke return with another moody, cinematic offering. At once retro and forward thinking, Manuscript is a record in super-position. We won’t really know what it is until we measure it in future memory, until we piece it together with the ambiguous data of our own lives. Because the room is quiet, in anticipation of song.