The Quiet Room Releases

Here are the releases by “the Quiet Room”

“All the Frozen Horses”


01. Come Undone
02. The Arena
03. Noir Des’ir
04. My Side of the Story
05. A Simpler Plan
06. Q & A
07. For Our Own Good
08. All the Frozen Horses
09. Mayan Dream
10. On the Corner of Loss & Gone
11. & I Looked Everywhere

Released January 2015 (Catalog# AM-038-15)

Andrew Muecke: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Rhythms, Engineering
Matt Cahill: Vocals, Percussion


Terry Jones: Sax (Track 4)
Ben Pattison: Trumpet (Track 3 and 10)
Mark Pesce: Spoken word (Track 8)
Brett Sody: Final mix and mastering